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Residentials at Holly Hill

Hathersage Residential Summer 2018

In July 2018, 21 children from Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic week staying at St. Michaels in Hathersage. They enjoyed stream dipping, walking, team games, swimming, visiting the dairy and much much more.

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Kingswood Residential

In March 23 children from Year 2 enjoyed a one night residential at Kingswood. They did many activities such as bouldering, outdoor art, raft building and finally checking whether their raft floated on the reservoir. We all had a great time and had lots to tell our parents and carers when we got home.

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Hathersage Residential

In December 2017, 28 children from Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a fantastic week staying at St. Michaels youth hostel in Hathersage. They enjoyed walking, orienteering, stream dipping, outdoor craft and much much more.