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Owls, Swans and Falcons, Years 5 and 6, 2019/20

Owl, Swan and Falcon

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Crime and Punishment

Our topic for this half-term is Crime and Punishment. Years 5 and 6 will be using the book 'Holes' in our English lessons, exploring life in the Juvenile Correctional Facility 'Camp Green Lake'. We will be learning about e-safety, along with Crime and Punishment through time in our History lessons. We will be starting Fractions in our Maths lessons.


Swan Class work hard every day to earn 'Brownie Points' for showing positive attitude and behaviour, and their successes were rewarded with a treat on Friday afternoon! They requested to watch some of the film 'Holes', the book we have been studying in our English lessons. What better movie snacks than popcorn and Hot Chocolate?! They followed this up with some great discussions about how the film and the book were different. Well done, Super Swannies, for a half-term of great behaviour. Let's earn ourselves another treat next half-term! 
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No Pens Wednesday!

Falcon Class had an afternoon of practical Maths that involved pegging out different holes with a surface area of 3200cm squared. We also tried digging a hole to see how the boys at Camp Green Lake might have felt. We didn’t make it to 5ft deep, but we definitely got a sense of how hard it would be!! 

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In this half term, Falcon, Swan and Owl are going to be working on one overall learning challenge:

 Great Explorers!

In Maths, we will be starting with Place Value. This means they will be working towards being able to read, write, order and compare numbers up to 10,000,000.

Try saying this number:


Try writing this number in digits:

Four million, five hundred and six thousand, two hundred and eighty seven.

We will also be expected to round these numbers to various different degrees of accuracy e.g. Round 366, 540 to the nearest 10,000.

We will also be using White Rose resources to build our problem solving and reasoning skills.

Try challenging yourself to the question below.

In English we will be beginning the year with a focus on grammatical skills and sentence structure.


We will be looking at the non-fiction text ‘Great Adventurers’ by professional adventurer Alastair Humphreys. By finding out about extraordinary people through history and examining the structure of the text, we will be working towards writing non-fiction biographies and information pages about other adventurers.

We will then move on to putting ourselves in the shoes of some of the people in the book and writing descriptive and emotive pieces from their perspective.

Move more, feel fresher, think better!

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Last week lots of people in the world celebrated 'World Mental Health Day'. One great way to look after our Mental Health is to simply move more! In Swan Class, we love to get our brains fully engaged by having lots of 'Brain Breaks'. This helps us to stay focused, and allow our brains to take a well-earned rest after all of the hard work we do during the day. Take a look at us getting our wiggles out after English to Just Dance, ready for P.E!

Editing Flaps.... because no one is perfect the first time!

Editing Flaps.... because no one is perfect the first time! 1
Editing Flaps.... because no one is perfect the first time! 2
Editing Flaps.... because no one is perfect the first time! 3

SMSC- We will begin with looking at the fundamental British Values of ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Democracy’ to enable us to create effective class rules and elect our councilors to represent us.

History- We will look at placing major historical events into the correct period of history and then look closer at the early 20th century and the race to reach the poles by significant people such as Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton.

Computing- To assist in our research we will learn how to effectively use search terms and filters.


Science- No explorer can survive without clean drinking water! We will look at different processes for separating materials such as evaporation and condensation and how this could save an explorer’s life.


Design and Technology- The way to stake a claim on a new land is to plant the flag. We will develop skills using fabric to design and create a flag of our own.


Geography- As well as looking more closely at the places great explorers have traveled, we will look at how latitude and longitude affect timezones as we travel around the world.

We Love To Read!

We will also be increasing our familiarity with a range of texts by reading the novel ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman.

This is a fantasy novel which sees a young girl travel as far as the Arctic in search of answers...


This is a book that will be read to the children by their class teacher, but many children enjoy following along from their own copy. Should you wish to purchase a copy for your child to bring to school, it is available to buy on Amazon and almost any bookshop.

Our new lockers are awesome!

Our new lockers are awesome! 1
Our new lockers are awesome! 2
Our new lockers are awesome! 3
Our new lockers are awesome! 4

Unleash your inner rock star and become a whizz at times tables while you're at it!

Unleash your inner rock star and become a whizz at times tables while you're at it! 1