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               School Year 2019-2020

We are supporting Safer Internet day 2020 on Wednesday 12th February, with its theme of 'Free to be me - exploring Online Identity' towards supporting their memo of 'Together for a better internet' This event will be supported across school through Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Throughout the day, the children will take part in an assembly focusing around their online identity and how they leave their digital footprint on the world. They will also take part in a selection of online identity focused activities within their classes.


Some other resources which you may find helpful in supporting your child online are:

Information and reporting of online grooming or abuse from CEOP

Information from Parent Zone.

The UK continues to state the minimum age for signing up to online services is 13 years of age. Advice for parents for when their child wants to use social media. Please see the web link below.

Information From Parent Zone.

Find out about digital resilience and ways to help.

Digital Resilience - from Parent Zone.

Digital Resilience - from Parent Zone. 1

We are supporting Safer Internet day 2019 on Wednesday 6th February, with its theme of 'Understanding consent in a digital world - Together for a better internet'

Throughout the day, the children will take part in an assembly exploring the importance of keeping personal information safe, asking for consent and permission before doing anything which could have an affect on anybody else or themselves. They will also take part in a selection of activities throughout the day within their classes.

What happened within school - 

The day started with an assembly to introduce the theme of giving consent on line.


KS1  - shared ideas on when to ask adults for permissions, told each other what they do online, watch videos on keeping safe, sung songs and made posters - also see class pages.


KS2 - discussed online services, talked about consent, considered questions using 'always, sometimes and never', watched videos about sharing data and information.

Safer Internet Day at Holly Hill Primary - Wednesday 6th February

Safer Internet Day February 6th 2018

During the day each class have been looking at ways to be safer on line. This included making online safety posters, watching video clips about being safer online, talking about how  people feel in different situations, singing the new 2018 song in singing assembly and using Padlet to share class activities.


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Staying Safe on Youtube

Staying safe on Minecraft                                                    (added Nov 17)

Photo: Kevin Jarrett

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games, especially with children .

The chances are, if you have primary age children, Minecraft will be part of their world, or their friends' worlds. So what should you know about helping your kids play safely?

To continue reading......- use this link to view this article from Parent Info


Open morning event - Safer Internet Day 2017
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This is where we will put information and resources related to the safe use of the internet.

These links will take you to some useful sites with information about keeping safe online.














Video and photographs from Safer Internet Day 2016

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This year SID TV has got even bigger and they now have their own you tube site with lots of videos about how to stay safe. You can access the site through the Safer Internet Day link below, or go straight to their you tube page.





Safer Internet Day Presentation

Be Kind Online!

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A song and music video produced by the children in Year 4/5 to create awareness of internet safety in 2015!