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Distance learning - Years 5 and 6

We miss you all!

We miss you all! 1 Lexi and Lola enjoying reading!
We miss you all! 2 Some more Joe Wicks fans!

Swan - Let's finish The Boy in the Tower this week! Here are the next two chapters. xx

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Hi there Owls, Swans and Falcons!

I hope you are feeling good about your second week of home learning. Don't worry if you didn't get chance to try everything we posted in week 1, you can still scroll back down and have a look!


I'm really enjoying joining in with Joe Wicks live on YouTube each morning (though I have to rest a lot more than he does) and listening to the daily audiobook from David Walliams as I do jobs around the house. I've also been busy recording myself reading the rest of Kensuke's Kingdom so that we can keep up with Michael and Stella's adventure! Make sure you come back to this page next week to see my updates with accompanying tasks/challenges. 


If you want to keep your skills sharpened, I recommend keeping up with fluent in 5 and the SPAG sheets in your folder, but I really hope you have spent lots of quality time with your families and had some fun too! 


If you want to send any pictures of what you have been up to, whatever it may be, you can email us at lookatthiswork@gmail.com

(just put your class name in the subject box so that your own teacher will look at it). 


Stay home and stay safe,

Miss Woods xx

A bedtime story x

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Because if you are or ever have been a Swan, you'll know that it's not just Giraffes that can't dance - it's teachers too! x

Bedtime Story

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Yes, I’m in my dressing gown.

Story time with Mrs Bis. The Gruffalo

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This is a familiar quote, Swannies, from our classroom wall. Spend today thinking about what your 'light' is (things that make you happy even when the world is a little upside down!) Remember to give yourself the weekend off from whatever it is you have been doing, and I'll have a special video for you on Monday. Miss Fretwell xx

This is a familiar quote, Swannies, from our classroom wall. Spend today thinking about what your 'light' is (things that make you happy even when the world is a little upside down!) Remember to give yourself the weekend off from whatever it is you have been doing, and I'll have a special video for you on Monday. Miss Fretwell xx  1

Hi Owl class, Swan and Falcon too,


I hope you have all enjoyed your first week at home. I hope you're keeping safe and being busy too (and keeping out of too much mischiefangel)  I miss seeing all your happy faces everyday...that's for sure!


Anyway have some of you delved into your packs and tried some of the activities in there?  Now's the perfect time to get in your garden and set up some of those science activities in your packs.  


Mini Ecosystem in a bottle.

                       You Need:

A plastic bottle with a lid


Grass seeds

Planting seeds (beans etc)



Wait and Watch!  What happens?  How does your soil change?  What can you see growing/developing/changing?  Record on you recording sheet in your pack.



Make a Turbine

You Need:

An empty juice carton

A pencil

Some blutac/plastecine





Follow the instructions to make your turbine.  Observe what happens when you remove the tape from different corners.  What migh happen if you remove the tape from two corners/opposite corners. Investigate.  Record on your sheet!



Don't Forget....  about your British Science Week poster that we talked about in assembly.  Produce a poster based on this years Theme;-   

'Our Diverse Planet'


There are 2 pairs of Eureka tickets (courtesy of Mrs Ward) up for grabs for the best 2 posters!!!  So give it a go.  You can bring your posters to me when we return to school.


So far we have been busy in the Balchin household.  Henry and George have been doing some maths, reading, spellings and tables. They have written a letter from Ade to Gaia and next week they'll be giving the science a go. They have had a water fight, played on the garden on their scooters (Mr B not happy!) played football in the garden (Mr B not happy!) and George has even, for the first time in 2 years dusted off his little golf set from the shed!  Grace, who is far too cool to play in the garden has baked some cupcakes.


So... whatever you're doing, make the most of this precious time we have at home.




We're thinking of you all.  Until next week - you wonderful little people


Love from Mrs Balchin (and George, Henry and Grace)




If you want maths explained...

There are 2 resources which match our way of working in maths and that are highly recommended.   Please use them!  


'White Rose maths'  have a daily lesson of 20 to 30 minutes with a practice activity to follow the animated video lesson.   Access all the lessons and video's here: 



'I see maths' is an excellent resource for visual and active learning. Access that here:



Both have lessons/video and activities/games specific to year groups.  It is important to use the correct year group lessons to support and deepen understanding of the content your child would be learning in school this year.

Have fun!

Mrs K


Thoughtful THURSDAY  

Complete one of these challenges:  

  1. Ring/Facetime a friend 

  2. Ring/Facetime a family  

  3. Write a positive note and put it in your window for others to see when out on a walk  

  4. Do something nice for a family member who you are inside with 


Here’s mine: I rang my Nanny today and spoke to her about what she has been up to whilst staying inside! She has been doing lots of cooking and gardening. 


Miss Fretwell x  

We’ve got this WEDNESDAY!  


Think of 3 words to describe what you’d like your day to be like today. Write them on some paper, and stick them somewhere you can see them all day. 


Here’s mine: calm, happy and productive.  


Miss Fretwell xx 

It is important for you to stay active during your time out of school. This can be done in your own garden so no need to leave your house. Head over to the Holly Hill Sports Page where I shall be putting up challenges for you to take part in!


Good Luck and stay safe!

Mrs Fisher

Here are simple recipes using baking ingredients for play dough, paint and ice paint to create at home if you would like.



For a selection of websites to support with your child's learning, please find these on the distance learning - general ideas and websites link under the children heading. Thank you