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Distance learning - FS1

For a selection of websites to support with your child's learning, please find these on the distance learning - general ideas and websites link under the children heading. Thank you

We also use Griffin OT activities within school, please have a look each day for daily activities using the information below. - enjoy Mrs Warsop.

The Enormous Turnip Story 

CLT English Green2_01.Story_The Enormous Turnip

한꿈아이의 CLT English Green2 The Enormous Turnip의 애니메이션입니다. 커다란 무를 뽑기위해 함께 무를 뽑아보는데요, 어떤 재미난 일이 펼쳐질까요? 함께 감상해 보세요.

W/C 20th April - The Enormous Turnip 


  • Listen to the story and join in with the repeated refrains... "Heave-Ho! Heave-Ho! But they cannot pull it up!"

Learning objectives (Literacy and Communication and Language)

Listen to stories with increasing attention and recall

Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.

Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured  


  • Help in the garden...plant seeds, water them and watch them grow just like in the story. 

Learning Objectives (Understanding the World and Personal, Social and Emotional Development)

Developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time

Enjoys responsibility of carrying out small tasks


  • Find items in your home which are: small, big and bigger (size). Short, tall and taller (height). Short, long and longer (length). Can you put these items in order?

Learning Objectives (Mathematics)

Orders two or three items by length or height


  • Draw a large turnip, colour or paint it and then cut it out to practice your cutting skills - remember to hold the scissors safely,  put your thumb in one whole and the next two fingers in the other, hold the piece of paper steady in the other hand and open and close the scissors with your thumb positioned on top. Adult supervision and support will be needed. My three year old thinks that scissors are hedge cutters! 

Learning Objectives (Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design

Uses one-handed tools and equipment, e.g. makes snips in paper with child scissors

Understands that equipment and tools have to be used safely

Understands use of objects (e.g. "What do we use to cut things?")

Understands that they can use lines to enclose a space, and then begin to use these shapes to represent objects.

Explores colour and how colours can be changed.


The above activities cover all 7 Areas of Learning from our EYFS Curriculum and they can be done throughout the week. If you would like to upload all the lovely things you're doing at home to Tapestry, Mrs Clay and I would love to see them :)  

Home Learning Activities

Here are simple recipes using baking ingredients for play dough, paint and ice paint to create at home if you would like.



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