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These posters are displayed around school and we are regularly reminding the children to wash their hands and follow the good hygiene advice.

These posters are displayed around school and we are regularly reminding the children to wash their hands and follow the good hygiene advice.  1

Update - 18.3.20, 21.25pm 


You will no doubt have heard Mr Johnson’s update to the nation regarding the unprecedented measures to close schools from this Friday. However he has stated that currently the exception is for the children of key workers and vulnerable children to still attend. As yet schools have received no further guidance than that.


We have lots of plans in place and lots of complete unknowns at the moment until the details of that guidance is shared with us. Please may I ask for your patience at this time as we work through and implement a thorough plan.


At this point I do not expect to be able to update you further than that this evening. Please may I politely ask that you do not jam the phone lines with questions in the morning as we will need time to work so that we can update you as quickly as possible.


Our thoughts are with all of our families at this most challenging of times.


Mrs. Steed x

Update - 19.03.20, 12.27pm


We are currently still waiting for the government guidance to be released so if you believe you are a key worker, we still have no further information.


For the children who school is closed for from tomorrow evening:

- They will bring home their home learning packs tonight (this should be enough to keep you going until the end of the Easter holidays)

- If your child is already self-isolating, you could let another parent know that you'd like their pack picking up and we will send them with that parent.

- If you can't arrange collection of your child's pack today, we'll evaluate how many are still in school tomorrow and come up with another plan. Don't worry - we'll get the work to you somehow!

- All children who are in school today will be sent home with all of their belongings, PE kits, contents of trays etc.


I will continue to communicate throughout the day as we receive any further information.

Coronavirus letter 4

Update 19.03.20, 6.05pm



Still, the government have not confirmed what a 'key worker' is. To give us an indication of numbers, we are asking anyone who believes they are a key worker to complete this survey to give us an indication of possible numbers for next week.


At the moment we believe key worker will include:

- NHS staff

- Emergency services

- Supermarket delivery drivers

- Teachers and TAs


As soon as we are able to confirm which children can attend, we will do. Completing the survey does not guarantee that we will be able to accept your child on Monday.



Update 20.3.20, 8.46am


The Government guidance for key workers was finally published last night at midnight. We are quickly working on the plan for next week. 





Please refer to this guidance and let us know by 10am if you haven't already responded to the survey monkey if you will need a place. We can not accommodate everyone on a full time basis so you must think carefully about the exact hours you will need. The guidance very clearly states

"If it is at all possible for children to be at home then they should be". This is absolutely not a 'business as usual' situation. 

Coronavirus letter 5

25.03.2020 - PLEASE BE AWARE...


We have received notification from the Local Authority that parents and carers of

children in receipt of free school meals are being targeted by fraudsters.


Fraudsters are targeting families, emailing parents and carers with messages such

as ‘If your child is entitled to free school meals send your bank details to the school

and they will help with funding while the school is closed’.


The email contains links for the parents to follow to claim this funding – these links are fake and this is a scam.

If anyone receives an email like this it should be deleted immediately