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Year 5/6


Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2

Summer 1 - Year 5 have been working on poetry. Listen below to some of our Kennings

year 5 Kennings


Spring 2 - What is multimedia?

This term we will be learning all about the different types of media.

On Tuesday the children were challenged to create a model of something we receive media from and it needed to include electrical components!

Here is what they made!

Models from Multimedia Wow Day!

English Explanation Texts!

Get a head start in class by watching the video below. Can you explain how 'The Lightbulb Changer' works?

Changing the Lightbulb - Jiwi's Machines Ep. 3 - FULL EPISODE

Jiwi's work on his rocket launchpad is interrupted by a faulty lightbulb. Changing the bulb is a disaster! Can he fix the mess before his sister June arrives home with her newest beau? JIWI'S MACHINES is a four-part web series packed with physical comedy and mechanical mayhem.

Children in Need Day - Friday 18th November 2016

Theme this year - Spotty!!

Autumn 2

The Industrial Revolution

What was the Industrial Revolution?

How did it change Britain?

Did it have an impact on our lives today?

Who was Richard Arkwright?



Curriculum Newsletter

Watch us speak French!

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Autumn 1 - Space

Alfie and caden.wav

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Heidi and Olivia.wav

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Millie and Carly.wav

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Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon 1

SATS Revision, Practice Exam Questions and TOP TIPS!

An insightful video that will help children with their Key Stage 2 Maths SATS exams. This video gives detailed information and sample questions to teach your child how to answer exam style questions, in order to improve their SAT scores.

PE Days


Our PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays this half term. It is essential that the children bring in the correct PE kit on that day each week.

Promoting British Values in Year 5 and 6

Deomocracy Rule of Law Individual Liberty Mutual tolerance and Respect

Voting for school councillors.

Voting for class treats.

Understanding how majority rules work and how to ensure things stay fair in decision making.

Class points system of reward.

Children share responsibility for leading the topics through their interests.

Teams and team captains used in P.E.

Good to be Green system.

Looking at legislation that links to workers rights/ Child labour

Ancient Chinese laws and how they differ from today- Shang Dynasty.

Mock debates in class.

Monitors of class jobs.

Road safety- especially in transition to secondary school.

Sexual Education teaching on the laws and rights.

Open discussion about why we have rules and the benefits of them.

Writing persuasive arguments about machine worker vs humans/ child labour.

DARE- promoting the right to say no to drugs.

Choices in their homework project.

Optional after school Maths Booster to give pupils responsibility and choice over their own learning.

Teaching about pupil’s rights to be safe and happy through anti-bullying days, sex education, healthy eating etc..

Looking at biographies of significant people who fought for individual liberty and freedom e.g. Ned Ludd

Looking at Britain as part of the wider world e.g. commonwealth.

Considering cultural differences between East and West e.g. China.

Looking at how people’s beliefs affect their choices in R.E.

Speaking and listening activities, such as circle time where pupils practise respect for others.

Celebration and showing of homework.

Heroes assembly and class assemblies celebrating a range of achievements.

Teaching French weekly.

Visit to places of worship