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At Holly Hill we like to do as many sport competitions in and out of school as possible so here is a page to celebrate what has been going on.


If your child has competed for an outside club at all and your would like your child to be on this page to celebrate their achievement then please see Mrs Fisher and she will try to get them on!

Thursday 29th March

Futsal Match @ Selston Leisure Centre

Thursday 29th March

Football Match @ Awsworth Primary


Holly Hill took 9 boys to Awsworth primary school to play in the Semi-final of the Eastwood district football league. The boys put in an amazing performance and coming away with a 5-1 win!

Scores were scored by Trot, Jacob and Brendan.

Well done boys, really proud of you, now we are heading to the FINAL!!

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Well done to the whole school for running their mile this afternoon for Sport Relief! The children were amazing and just kept on running. Keep it up!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
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Wednesday 21st March

Basketball Competition @ Selston Leisure Centre


10 children went down the Selston Leisure Centre to compete against the family of schools at Basketball. The children played really well with lots of baskets being scored. The team came 3rd overall. Well done.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Ashfield District Boccia competition - March 2018.

Well done to the Key stage 2 boccia teams. Both teams played against other schools and enjoyed themselves and were a credit to the school - we are proud of you all. Some of the matches proved to be very close (we had to use the tape measure to work out the points for which team was closer to the jack).

The results were Ks 2 B team came 1st in group 2 games and then 2nd after the 1st place play off match. Ks 2 A team came 5th in group 2.

Picture 1

Swallow class dancing in their class PE sessions. February 18

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wednesday 14th February

Table Tennis @ Selston High School


Ms Hill did a great job of training up two teams to go down to Selston High and compete in a tournament. I hear they did a great job and both teams just lost out on Gold medals by a few points! Both teams came home with a silver medal!! This is fantastic!! So proud of both teams, and also a big thank you to Ms Hill for all her time training!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Thursday 25th January

Girls Futsal @ Selston Leisure Centre


The girls Futsal team walked down to Selston Leisure Centre to take part in a tournament against 5 other schools in the family. The girls tried very hard in a sport that we have never had a tea in before. The other schools did have stronger teams but our girls did not give up and fought till the end. A special mention to Evelyn who performed some great saves in goal!

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Picture 3

Monday 22nd January


Year 4, 5 and 6 were very lucky today as they had a wheel chair basketball coach visit Holly Hill. He brought with him a huge van with 12 wheel chairs. We all learnt how to get in and out of the chair safely and also how to direct the chair. We all loved playing tig!


Next week he is coming back to Holly Hill, but this time he will be bringing in the actual basketballs too....this could get very exciting!!!

A few pictures of Swallows playing...

A few pictures of Swallows playing... 1
A few pictures of Swallows playing... 2
A few pictures of Swallows playing... 3
A few pictures of Swallows playing... 4
A few pictures of Swallows playing... 5
A few pictures of Swallows playing... 6
A few pictures of Swallows playing... 7
A few pictures of Swallows playing... 8
A few pictures of Swallows playing... 9
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Some of KS1 having a great time too!

Some of KS1 having a great time too! 1
Some of KS1 having a great time too! 2
Some of KS1 having a great time too! 3
Some of KS1 having a great time too! 4
Some of KS1 having a great time too! 5

Thursday 14th December

Squash Festival @ Alfreton Leisure Centre


Over the last 6 weeks both year 3 and 4 have been having Squash coaching sessions with Mr Hay. They have all had a fantastic time and all learnt many new skills that they didn't have before! At the end of the 6 weeks, Mr hay chose 6 children to take part in a festival at Alfreton Leisure Centre. The festival included rallies, bouncing and actually having mini squash games against other schools. The children all played brilliantly and managed to come 2nd. Well done to all.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Thursday 9th November

Netball match @ Kirkby Woodhouse Primary


8 girls from year 6 travelled to KWS to play their netball team. The girls played brilliantly as always. Some great defence from Felicity and great mid court play from Amber. Well to all that played, a fantastic result again of 2-0 to Holly Hill!

Thursday 2nd November

Year 3/4 Indoor athletics @ Selston Leisure Centre


10 Year 3 and 4 children walked down to Selston leisure centre to compete in the indoor athletics, all children performed brilliantly. The girls enjoyed the field events with lots of throwing and jumping competitions, the boys favoured the track events with the running and hurdles. Overall the children gained over 100 points and were eventually placed 5th. Well done to all.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Thursday 12th October

Football Match @ Holly Hill


This was our first football match of the season against Guilthill Primary School as part of the Eastwood and District league. The boys were super and played brilliantly. The first half looked promising with an amazing goal from Troy M and a few amazing saves from Charlie in goal! Unfortunately in the second half Gulithill managed to get a few more goals and the final score was 4-1 to Guilthill.

Thank you to Mr Randell for coaching and umpiring, we look froward to the next match. Well done!

Thursday 12th October

Netball Match @ Kirkby Woodhouse


8 girls traveled to Kirkby Woodhouse and had a lovely match against their netball team. The teams were very equally matched and the ball traveled back and forth to both ends. The eventual score was 2-0 to Holly Hill, one goal scored in both halves. Well played girls, the season is looking promising!

Tuesday 10th October

Ashfield District Cross Country Running @ Ashfield High School


There was a team of 11 children from year 5 and 6 traveled to Ashfield School to run against all the other schools in our district. There was about 150 children in each race and our children were fantastic.



Amelia W 17th

Sophie A 30th

Sophie C 33rd

Sophie Mc 37th


Troy M 22nd

Kiaron F 40th

Zak F 64th

James L 66th

Kelling A 80th

Troy H 99th

Freddie K-S 100th


We were all so proud of you and we know that you all enjoyed yourselves!

Well done!

Thursday 5th October

Tennis @ Selston Leisure Centre


$ children from Year 6 went to Selston Leisure Centre for a mini tennis competition against schools from our family. This was a competition that Holly Hill have never entered before so we were proud of the children before we had even got there! Amber, Evelyn, Jacob and Calum played very well and won may of their matches. A credit to the school!

A huge thank you to Miss Hill for not just taking the children down but for training the children too so they were ready for their matches. Well done all.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Wednesday 4th October

Sport Ambassador Training @ Selston Leisure Centre


The new sport ambassadors attended training today. They learnt how to hold Level one competitions that will be held at break and lunch times. All 6 children were brilliant and they are now very eager to going with all their ideas! Well done!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Look who we saw on the junior playground today!! Don't they look fantastic!! Well done boys!

Look who we saw on the junior playground today!! Don't they look fantastic!! Well done boys! 1
Look who we saw on the junior playground today!! Don't they look fantastic!! Well done boys! 2

Thursday 29th September

Netball match @ Abbey Hill


The netball team started their season with a fantastic result on Thursday. They played a tournament at Abbey Hill school in Kirkby. The first match was against Hillside where Holly Hill won 5-0 and then they went onto also beat the home team Abbey Hill 1-0. The girls played really well to say that they had not played together before and they are now super excited for the rest of the season. Well done!!

Welcome back to school after the Summer holidays!


Holly Hill has definitely sprung back into action and is already offering lots of sports club. Here is a quick list to tell you what we are offering...


Monday - Year 1/2 Multi Skill club 3.30 till 4.30 pm


Wednesday - Year 5/6 Cross Country Running club 12.30 till 1.00 pm


Thursday - Year 3/4 Football club 12.30 till 1.00 pm

                  Year 5/6 Football club 3.30 till 4.30 pm

                  Year 4/5/6 Netball club 3.30 till 4.30 pm 

Sports Page 2016 - 2017

Thursday 29th June

Tri-Golf Finals @ Hucknall National


Again the team of 'Tri-Golfers' traveled to Hucknal National to represent Holly Hill at the final. Even though the rain did not stop, the children had a lovely afternoon and really enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately, they did not get a high placing but I am really proud of them to get to the finals and participate with such maturity and enthusiasm. Well done to all of you involved and thank you to Ms Hill for her superb coaching!!

Friday 23rd June

Tri-Golf @ Selston High School


A team of 10 year 5 and 6 walked down to Selston High School to show off their golf skills, coached by Ms Hill. It is not just a game of gold but a serious of activities that are based on skill. The team did brilliantly and managed to qualify for the finals next week!! Amazing news and good luck for next week!

Wednesday 21st June

District Sports @ Harvey Haddon Stadium


Holly Hill took 40 children to Harvey Haddon Stadium to compete against many other schools in the Eastwood and District. The children all had a fantastic afternoon, even though the weather was very hot. Holly Hill managed some very good results, starting with the boys relay team coming 3rd in their semi final, just missing out on the finals! After that we had many 2nds and 3rds, but again many narrowly missing out on the finals. Brandon put in a cracking performance winning his 150 metre sprint semi final and then going on to win his final as well!! Brilliant effort! Another great achievement was Rebecca coming back from her thowing event and standing on the podium in 2nd place! Another great effort!


Well done to all children involved, you definitely did not let Holly Hill down!


Wednesday 24th May

Yr 1-4 Cross Country Running @ Selston High


24 children from Year 1 - 4 walked down to Selston High School to compete in their annual Cross Country running competition. Many of the children were very nervous, it is a long way to run with little legs! However, every single children ran brilliantly and came over the finish line with a smile on their face.


Individual results were:

Daniel 2nd       3/4 boys

Amelia 2nd      3/4 girls

Isaac 1st           1/2 boys

Alfie 3rd            1/2 boys


Team results:

Year 1/2 boys 1st

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Monday 22nd May

Football match @ Holly Hill


Yet again Holly Hill had a friendly match against Bagthorpe. The boys put on a brilliant performance with different boys in the team representing their school. The match got off to a storming start and Holly Hill did not give up till the final whistle! Caden had a fantastic game scoring a hat-rick and Brendan scored the last. The final score was 4-2 to Holly Hill.


Very proud of you boys, well done!

Friday 19th May

Yr 2, 3 and 4 Gymnastics @ Selston High School


12 children from year 2, 3 and 4 walked down the Selston to take part in a Gymnastics festival. The children had a great time, there was no competitive nature within the afternoon. The children moved around in a carousel type of way having a go at all of the different activities. Well done to all.

Thursday 18th May

Netball Tournament @ Titchfield Park, Kirkby


The girls competed against 6 other schools in the annual netball tournament at Titchfield Park. The weather was lovely and the girls had a brilliant afternoon. The team has not had many matches this year and therefore were not as confident as teams that we have taken before but they definietly had a great time. The eventual scores were Holly Hill won two matches, drew two matches and lost two matches so a very 'mixed bag'.


Fantastic effort girls, well done!


Wednesday 26th April

Eastwood and District XC Running @ Brookhill Leys Primary School


A team of 11 children headed off to Brookhill Leys to compete in their mile race around Coronation Park at Eastwood. All children behaved perfectly and tried their hardest in an incredibly hard race.


Boys results (out of 110)

Brandon 16th

Toby 22nd

Tyler 45th

Zak 52nd

George 60th

Troy 67th

James 69th


Girls results (out of 100)

Ellie 57th

Sophie 59th

Sienna 76th

Elizabeth 82nd


Team results (out of 15)

Boys 6th

Girls 10th

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Special Olympic Games part of Active Ashfield Games at Lammas Leisure Centre.

Thursday 30th March

Netball @ Holly Hill against Morvern Park


The girls played their first match this year against Morvern Park. The girls put in an amazing effort and won both halves easily. There were many goals scored by Carly and Aimee and great defending from Felicity and Amber. Keep up the great work girls.

Monday 27th March

Football Match @ Holly Hill


We had a mini tournament on the school field against Bagthorpe and Brinsley Primary school. The boys did a brilliant job and represented Holly Hill well. Goals were scored from Caden and Tyler, with some fantastic saves from Callum in goal! Holly Hill drew 2-2 with Bagthorpe and won 2-0 against Brinsley. The winner game down to goal difference and unfortunately we took second place, but still a brilliant result.

Well done to all who played.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Wednesday 22nd March

Year 5 and 6 Basketball @ Selston Leisure Centre


Holly Hill took a team of 10 children down to Selston high to play a Basketball tournament. The children played really well and even though they had never had the chance to practise with the 'real' baskets they scored many times. The children played 4 other teams and came out 4th overall. We won 2 games, drew 1 and lost 1, overall we did a brilliant job.

Well done to all.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Wednesday 8th March 2017

Our Ks1 and Ks 2 boccia teams went to Selston leisure centre for the Ashfield district boccia qualifier competition .

All the children played well and some games were very close, (we even had to get the tape measure out).

Ks 2 team played 5 games and won some but missed out on getting to the district finals.

Ks 1 team played against 6 other teams and came 3rd. 

For some of team players this was their first competition - well done everyone.

Thank you to the staff members, parents and friends who attended the event.

Ks2 and Ks1 Boccia Teams

Ks2 and Ks1 Boccia Teams 1
Ks2 and Ks1 Boccia Teams 2
Ks2 and Ks1 Boccia Teams 3

Friday 3rd March

KS 1 Indoor Athletics @ Selston Leisure Centre


Holly Hill took part in was the KS1 Indoor Athletics. The children were well prepared by Mr Smith and were confident before they headed down to Selston High. The children put in a great effort. Overall we didn't make many mistakes and won many of the races, it is amazing to be able to say that we were the eventual winners!! The children were really excited to come back to school and share their news. 


Thursday 24th November

Yera 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics @ Selston Leisure Centre


12 children from Holly Hill went down to the leisure centre to take part in lots of athletic type competitions. There were 5 other schools there. The children had to do 2 field events and 3 track events. They all tried their best and had great fun doing so. The boys did particularly well in the running events managing to get quite a few 2nds for Holly Hill. Well done to all.

Thursday 4th November

Indoor Athletics @ Selston Leisure Centre


12 children from year 3 and 4 walked down to Selston Leisure Centre. They took part in many different athletic activities such as; javelin, jumping and throwing. They also had a chance to race as teams in the hurdles and sprints. The children were very excited to go and had a fantastic time while they were there. The team managed to get a respectable 4th place. Well done to all who went.

Thursday 20th October

Netball Match @ Kirky Woodhouse


The girls traveled to Kirky Woodhouse for a Tournament against St Andrews, Abbey Hill and Kirkby Woodhouse. The girls played really well resulting in a win, a draw and a lose. The girls are starting to look more and more like a strong team and starting to understand each other on the court.

Well done to all the girls. Keep up the hard work.

Wednesday 19th October

Young Ambassadors training @ Selston Leisure Centre


4 children from Holly Hill took part in the Young ambassadors training to be able to hold Level 1 competitions within school. The children took part in lots of activities and learnt lots about leading, umpiring and generally organising different sports and competitions. The children did Holly Hill proud and we all look forward to the rest of the school benefiting from the new skills that they have learnt.

Well done.

Thursday 13th October

Netball match @ Holly Hill


Both Abbey Hill and Morvern park traveled to Holly Hill to play our girls at Netball. Holly Hill played really well with more girls having their first match. Holly Hill played Abbey Hill and managed a 4-2 win and then went on to win again against Mornvern Park 2-1.

Well done to all who played.

Thursday 6th October

Ashfield schools xc running


A team of 6 boys and 2 girls took part in the xc running competition held at Ashfield school. Unfortunately I was not able to take the girls but I hear that the children had a fantastic time and loved every minute. They all tried their hardest. The boys team can in a respectable 7th place however we did not have enough girls to make a team.


Well done especially to Brandon who came 21st out of 150 boys, this is a fantastic result for a year 5 boy.

Thursday 29th September

Netball Match @ Beardall Fields


8 girls went to Beardall fields in Hucknall. They played both the host school and also St.Andrews school. The girls played very well to say that they had never played together before.

The girls drew 0-0 with St.Andrews.

They won against Bearall Fields 1-0.


A super effort by all and a big thank you top Mrs Adcock for helping to transport the girls.

Sports Page 2015 - 2016

Sports Newsletter July 2016

District Sports at Harvey Haddon Stadium - Tuesday 21st June


40 children from Holly Hill across years  3 to 6 traveled on a coach to District Sports on Tuesday afternoon. The weather was just perfect and all the children behaved brilliantly. The standards is always very high when we compete against the District but Holly Hill did not let us down. We had 5 children on the podium for a top place with two children bringing home winning medals. Fantastic results, well done everyone!


Top Results - 

Milly - 2nd Year 6 Throwing

Elizabeth - 3rd Year 3 Long Jump

Millie - 3rd 150m Sprint

Imogen - 1st 80m Sprint

Brandon - 1st 60m Sprint


Photos - 



Year 5 Tri Golf - 17th June

On Friday 10 children from year 5 walked down to Selston High School to play Tri-Golf. They all completed different tasks that tested their skills including speed and accuracy. At the end all the scores were added up and the team with the biggest score won.  All of the children tried their best and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Well done to all.

Year 3/4 Tri-Golf - 14th June

Unfortunately the Year 3/4 tri golf was cancelled due to bad weather, hopefully this can be rearranged soon.

Sports Newsletter May 2016

Cross Country Running - 24th May


On Tuesday afternoon Holly Hill hosted a cross country competition for year 1, 2, 3 and 4's. This is a lovely competition where all the children get to have a go at a 'real' competition, for some year 1's it is their first. All the children ran very well and we managed to gain some great placings.


Medals went to:

Sienna    3rd      Yr1/2 girls

Daniel     1st       Yr1/2 boys



Netball Tournament - 19th May


To conclude the Netball season the main Netball tournament for the Kirkby league was held at Titchfield park on the 19th May. The girls had to play 7 other schools. To start with the girls played in group stages and then went into a Cup and Plate competition. The girls were 2nd in their group and went through to the Cup matches. The semi final was played against Morvern Park to whom they beat 3.2 and then they played in the final against Beardall Fields. Holly Hill had already lost against this team earlier on and so was very nervous but they played very well and came out winners with 3.2 again.

This is a fantastic achievement, the girls have played so well all season and deserved to be the champions.



Gymnastics Festival - 19th May


12 children from year 1-4 walked down to Selston High to take part in a Gymnastics festival, they worked around the hall taking part in many different types of Gymnastics activities including work on a trampet, mirroring and balances. All children had a lovely time.






XC running - 27th April


On Wednesday the 27th April Holly Hill took 18 representatives to Brook Hill Leys school to complete a mile race against other schools in the Eastwood and District. All children were very nervous before the races began as the race was against over 12 other schools with up to 12 girls and 12 boys from each school in each race. The children all ran fantastically! The top achievement was that Leo came in 3rd for the boys and won a lovely medal and helped the boys team to come 3rd overall. The girls also had some fantastic placings with Jaimie coming in at 10th place. Unfortunately the girls were out of the placings overall but a  massive well done to all those that ran a brilliant race over a very tough course. Thank you also must go to the parents that came along to support, without you, many of these competitions could not happen.



Boccia - 26th April 


On Tuesday 26th April the Key Stage 2 boccia team went to Holgate Academy to compete in the district finals.

The team played very well and the scores were level into the last game. After the final game our team was awarded bronze medals. We missed winning by 2 points.

Well done.

Boccia - 24th March

Mrs Warsop took two teams down to Selston High School for an afternoon of Boccia last Thursday.


The KS1 team played 5 games, they won 2 and lost 3, gaining a total of 7 points and finishing overall 5th out of 6 Schools.


The KS2 team played 3 games, they won 2 lost 1, gaining a total of 7 points.  At the end 3 schools ended up on the same number of match points (7) so the team going to district finals was based on the overall ball points obtained. Holly Hill got 20 points, which was the most, and came 1st!! The KS2 team now look forward to going to the district finals  which will be held during April.


Both teams played well and KS1 team was only formed in Jan 2016. Thanks to all adults who helped on the day.

Football - 21st March

On Monday the football team played at home to Bagthorpe Primary School. Mr Smith had kindly set up the friendly between the two teams that he coaches. The boys played extremely well together, showing all the practising was coming together. The score was eventually 3-0 to Holly Hill.

Well done to all the boys.


Netball - 17th March

On Thursday the netball team played at home to Kirkby Woodhouse Primary School. This was the first time that the girls had played together this year. They worked very well together with some super passing down the court, the star players definitely went to the shooters, who managed to score nearly every time the ball entered into their area. The match was eventually won 12-0 to Holly Hill.

Well done to the team!

KS1 Athletics (11th March)

On Friday 12 children from Year 2 walked down to Selston High to compete at indoor athletics, they completed many different activities including both track and field events. The children had a great time and tried their best at each event. Their final position was 5th out of 8 teams. Well done to them all.

Basketball 9th March

Last Wednesday the Basketball team (10 children) went down the Selston High to play against other schools in our area. We were shocked by the speed that the other teams were playing at but Holly Hill soon stepped up their game and played to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, even though Holly Hill were able to score many baskets the opponents always managed to get just one more! This was incredibly frustrating for the team but they never gave up and finished 6th. Well done to the whole team.

Cross Country Running Championships


Last Saturday (6th Feb), 2 boys from year 6, Leo and Bradley, attended the cross-country championships. They qualified for this event in October at Ashfield school, last week they competed against all of the schools in Nottinghamshire. The conditions were far from ideal with an inch of mud beneath their feet and driving rain and wind in their faces but the boys did not let us down. Leo came home in 18th position and Bradley in 40th. Overall there were about 90 runners in the race so these results were fantastic! A great experience for both of the boys.


Futsal Competition

On Thursday the 21st January seven Holly Hill boys went to Kirkby College to play against the Kirkby family of schools. Our boys had not played much futsal so it was very new to them but they did not let us down. Unfortunately the first game they lost against Hillside 3.0. However the more games they played they got better and better. Against Morvern park they lost by a 'sneaky'goal 1.0. Then they played Kirkby Woodhouse and won 1.0 and then again won 1.0 against Kingsway. All in all the boys were really pleased and they did not end up too far down the placings.

Well done boys.

January sport has started with a bang, there are 4 clubs starting this week (11th Jan) which are Football, Gymnastics, Futsal and Basketball. It is great to see so many children enjoying sport in their own time.


We have also entered a few teams to compete against other schools during this term so look out here to see the results of how the children have got on.

December Sports Newsletter

Sports Hall Athletics Year 5 and 6

On Wednesday 25th November 18 children walked down to Selston Leisure Centre to compete in the Sports hall Athletics. Each child tried their hardest and picked up a lot of placings throughout the afternoon. 

Overall the Holly Hill came 5th.

Well done to all.

Sports Hall Athletics Year 3 and 4

On Friday the 13th November 12 children from year 3 and 4 went down to Selston Leisure Centre to compete against other schools in the family. They had a go at every activity which included; throwing, jumping and running. All children tried their hardest but unfortunately no medals were won. Well done to the team.

Cross Country Running at Ashfield school

Running Team- Imogen, Leo, Jaimi, Bradley, George, Olivia, Carly, Lucas, Sam and Aaron.

Ashfield Running Competition

Yesterday, we had a running competition at Ashfield School. I have to admit I had done it before (BUT THAT WAS A YEAR AGO) I never remembered it being that long!!! So to start the girls ran first and it was long… I would say it took about 4-5 minutes to complete. When the girls were just getting to the funnel (where you get a raffle ticket to say where you came) the boys started. I had only finished for about 2-3 minutes and suddenly LEO was with the girls that were at the back!!! Leo came 1st and I came 8th, I was very proud of myself and I bet Leo was too.

By Imogen Thompson.

The running team all put in a great performance.

Overall the Girls team came 5th out of 25 teams and the Boys came 9th out of 25 teams.


Top 3 individual results


Imogen  8th

Jaimie  18th

Olivia  25th


Leo  1st

BT 12th

George  47th



There was nearly 200 hundred runners in each race so every single child did brilliantly!

Netball Match 15th October 2015

Yesterday (Thursday 15th 2015) we played against Movern Park Primary School. 8 people attended the match, they were Jessica, Milly, Imogen, Jaimie, Kaitlin, Grace, Carly, Gracie. Unluckily we lost but all that matters is that we took part and after we got a Twix and a drink!

Report written by Jessica Cass and Milly Maxwell

Netball Match 01.10.15

Netball Team- Imogen, Kaitlin, Jessica, Milly, Gracie, Carly, Sophia and Olivia.


Yesterday, the netball team went to Kingsway Primary School in Kirkby to play 2 friendly games of Netball. The first match was against Hill Side Primary (who had NEVER played Netball before). We won 10-0 but we understood that they had only just started to learn. Then we went offside while they played Kingsway, we are not sure what the score was. After that, we went on against Kingsway and beat them 2-0. Finally, we had juice and biscuits then went home with smiles on out faces.

By Imogen Thomspon and Kaitlin Dalby.

We are delighted to announce that on the 28th September 2015 Holly Hill was awarded the Sainsbury's School Games Bronze Kit Mark for Participation in sport in the year 2014-2015.


'Congratulations your school has achieved Bronze Mark!'