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Robins and Goldfinches, FS2 2017/18

Robin and Goldfinch Class

Welcome to the Robin and Goldfinch class web page! We are excited to show you all the wonderful things we will get up to throughout the year in F2!

We are looking forward to a fab year!

Miss Mitchell, Mr Hughes & Mrs Wilcockson

This week we have been visited by kindly elves, who have made shoes for the children to play with, and use in the new role-play area. We have started exploring the story of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker', using the 'talk for writing' process, where the children learn actions to help them remember a story.


We have also had 'safer internet day' as a whole school effort to look at staying safe while using technology. On Friday this week we will be learning about healthy eating choices and making a fruit salad!

Picture 1

Look! A crab, a crab with no shell,

Running along by the sea.....

We've had lots of fun already this week reading Sharing a Shell and exploring life under the sea! Look what we have been up to already....

Welcome back and Happy New Year!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that the children are feeling rested and ready to see what 2018 brings!

"Ahoy me hearties!"

Our core book for the next two weeks will be 'The Pirates Next Door'


Click here for core book curriculum newsletter.

For the last two weeks we have been exploring the story of 'Stickman' for our core book. 


Earlier this week we had lots of fun in the snow, making shapes in the snow, and finding how the snow had changed the landscape. 


In our daily maths, we have been counting beyond ten, and filling in missing numbers in a sequence.


  Last week some of us sent letters to Santa, and already this week some replies have arrived! We were so excited, and talked as a class about how they had made their journey to reach us in F2.


(Just a quick message from Mr Hughes and Mrs Hughes to say thank you to the parents of F2 children for your lovely card and housewarming gift! It made our day, and your support makes a big difference to us.)    

"Aha! Aho! Tracks in the snow. Whose are these footprints and where do they go?"

This week we have started our next Julia Donaldson topic book, 'The Gruffalo's child'. We have been experimenting with light and shadow using torches, both in our quiet room and in the role-play area. All the children have worked on sequencing a story, talking about how a story is structured. (A great one for you to have a go at at home.)  


Recently we also had 'children in need' day, raising lots of money for charity through cake sales. This has fitted in well with our work talking about kindness, and thinking of ways in which we can be kind within our classes. 


Last Friday saw our first session with our buddy class  'Kingfishers', playing with new friends and putting into practise the 'Hollyhill way'. 



This week Robins and Goldfinches have been so busy! We began our write dance activity in the afternoon, pretending to erupt like a volcano, and then dancing with our wrists to represent the raindrops.

We made some bird-feeders to go in our outside area , in the hope we might see some actual robins and finches 'in the wild'! 

Our outside area has been made into a cafe, and we have been using it every day.  In maths we have started addition, and with our 'Monkey puzzle' theme, we have been adding bananas! (and then eating them!)



This week after our half term break, we have begun our new core book 'Monkey Puzzle', by Julia Donaldson. We have also made shelters for hedgehogs in our 'Whisper's Woodland' session, using piles of leaves. We made signs to go on the front so that the hedgehogs would find their way. 

We also have been learning about addition using bananas!

We hope you have all had a lovely and restful half term! We can't wait to get started with our new topic topic this half term 'We Love Julia Donaldson!' Our first core book for this topic will be Monkey Puzzle.
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We have had another busy week in FS2! The children have discovered an enormous turnip in the garden, had a go on the pedal bikes without stabilisers, been on a leaf hunt, made leaf crowns and leaf men in Whisper's Woodland and explored our new maths shed in the outdoor area!!!! WOW! We have been busy! sad
This week in F2 we have been  enjoying our first 'Whisper's Woodland' session with Mrs Keegans.  We made some brilliant dens out of logs and other materials. We also started our new book topic of 'The Enormous Turnip'.  

Look how busy we are in Robin and Goldfinch class this week.....

We had an exciting visit from Gerald the Giraffe who danced his way into F2 yesterday afternoon. Gerald brought us a fantastic treat of biscuits, marshmallows and hot chocolate to kick start our Jungly topic!

Our first story this year will be 'Giraffes Can't Dance' by Giles Andreae. 

We are also really excited to announce that we have received lots of new resources for our outside area which will be introducing to the children over the coming weeks. Watch this space for photos of the children enjoying these new resources!