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Good luck Year 2!

Our fabulous Year 2s will start their SATs this week. They have all worked so hard this year that I know they are going to be brilliant! Year 1 will do a one off project this week and then we will continue with our 'Great Fire of London' topic next week. Remember - class treat on Friday afternoon, yay!

Welcome Back!


I hope you've had a fabulous Easter break - the children had lots to say about what they'd been up to. Look out for this half term's curriculum newsletter which will update you with our learning for this half term. We will spend the rest of this week finishing our Africa topic before we launch our new 'Great Fire of London' topic with a 'wow' day on Monday.  

Promoting British Values in Year 1 and 2

We love your Mrs. Bis!heartheartheart

Thank you to our very amazing Mrs. Bis for cooking us all the most delicious pancakes today! They were amazing and we loved filling them with orange, sugar, chocolate spread, marshmallows or syrup - seem people had a bit of everything!


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Listen to us drum!

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We will be kicking off our 'African adventure' topic with a couple of very exciting days. The children will be completing lots of craft and activities related to Africa such as tie dye, jewellery making, masking making and Art. We even have a surprise, special visitor organised for Thursday! Watch this space for photos!

How can we group the different animals? Fabulous work Year 1!

Even more jumping - sorry that these are the wrong way round!

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We have been exploring jumping in PE today - it was brilliant!

Thank you Alice!

A huge thank you to Alice for bringing in fortune cookies and 'white rabbit' sweets for us to taste! It was a lovely way to celebrate Chinese New Year and they were delicious! xxx

Puffins had a fabulous time doing gymnastics with our specialist PE teacher - apologies for Mrs. Steed's dodgy camera work and the blurry action shots!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a great New Year. It sounds like the children have all been very lucky with their presents (most of which I have never heard of!) We have hit the ground running this week and I'm super impressed with how sensible Puffins have been and how quickly they have settled back into school. This week we have been looking at poetry and they have particularly enjoyed listening to the work of Michael Rosen. Here is a link to their favourite poem from this week. Enjoy!


Bursting with pride!

Year 2 - Recommended reads!

By the end of Year 2, the children will be required to sit a SATs test which requires them to read fluently and with stamina. The suggested speed is 90 words per minute! Not only do they have to read this amount but they also have to understand what they have read so that they can answer questions. It is recommended that the children start to read books that are longer, such as chapter books, to begin developing this stamina. Here is a link to some books that you might like to get from the library or get for at home. I am more than happy for the children to start reading these books instead of their school reading books as their reading progresses.



http://www.booktrust.org.uk/books/children/booklists/242/ re/7/7-plus-readers.html

Today we have posted our letters to Santa! Fingers crossed we get a reply!

We have had lots of fun this week writing our letters to Santa. All of our work this half term has helped us to include lots of features of a proper letter so we think Santa will be very impressed with our English skills. It would seem that Puffins like to leave their Santa a mince pies and a glass of snowball - this really made me laugh! Later this week we will be having a stroll to the postbox to post our letters (photos to follow) - fingers crossed for replies from the big man himself before we break up!

Look how grown up we look! Year 2 have had a go at a reading comprehension today. It was very tricky but they all tried so hard. Well done Year 2!

Look how grown up we look! Year 2 have had a go at a reading comprehension today. It was very tricky but they all tried so hard. Well done Year 2! 1

We have celebrated Friendship Day with our buddy class by threading beads to make friendship bracelets.

The children who have worked with Mrs. Steed for Maths this week have been practising adding coins and recording their sums. Look at our work - you could easily work on this at home too!

Our first ever Winter Warmer was a huge success and we raised over £400 - wow! Thank you so much for all of your support! Mrs. Steed was so busy she hardly took any photos - oops!

Mrs Warsop has taken a photograph of our fudge. It tasted good.
Picture 1
Picture 2

We have been busy making fudge for the Winter Warmer! We measured the ingredients and mixed them together. Sorry there are no 'after photos', they all sold before I had chance to take one!

Maths Pre-learning


Next week (w/b 14th November) we will be working with money in Maths. It would really help the children's learning if they are already familiar with some coins and notes. Maybe you could practise identifying money together or let the children have a few coins that they can play shop with. 

We have been reading 'Herman's Letters' this week. Here we are acting out the devastating scene when best friends Henry and Herman are being separated!

Don't miss out!

Design and Technology - we have loved designing and baking our own Christmas cookies. Here we are in action - finished product photos to follow!

Parents Evening


Thank you for a fabulous week of parents evening appointments. It's been lovely to chat to you all and talk about the exciting year ahead for Puffins' class. If anyone didn't not get chance to come, please pop in and we can organise a suitable time for a quick meeting.

Welcome back to Autumn 2 half term! We are excited to be doing lots of work about letters this half term, as well as baking in Technology and an artist study in Art. Read all about the great half term ahead in our curriculum newsletter!

Wow! Our trip to Mansfield Museum today has been amazing! We got to play with so many different toys, learned lots about toys throughout history and loved exploring the galleries of the museum. Mrs. Steed and all of the grown ups were so proud of our behaviour, manners and enthusiam - we can't wait for our next adventure!

Look what a fabulous time we had on 'No Pens Wednesday'. We have given instructions for jam sandwiches, investigated 2D shapes using the camera, play dough and bingo and experimented with moving toys in Design and Technology!

We have made jam sandwiches in class and they were yummy! We had to read and follow the instructions carefully. Tomorrow we will be writing our own instructions too - watch out for those imperative verbs!

DON'T FORGET - We will be going on our trip to Mansfield museum on Monday 10th October. Please ensure you have paid your money and returned your permission slips as soon as possible. It's going to be a very exciting day!

Counting in 10s!


This week we have been focusing on place value and counting in 10s.


Year 1 challenge - can you practise counting in 10s at home? Come to me to show me that you can do it for 10 bonus house points!


Year 2 challenge - can you practise counting in 10s at home from any given number? For example, 23, 33, 43, 53. Particularly focus on numbers that go past 100! Come to me to show me that you can do it for 10 bonus house points!

Look out for the letter coming home today about our exciting trip to the Mansfield Museum!

Puffins have done some amazing counting in Maths this week. Look at the Year 1's carrying out their pratical activities - counting pennies, hula hoops, beanbags, matchsticks and much more!

We had a fab time playing in the messy sinks just like Traction Man! It inspired some amazing independent writing!

Wow! What an amazing first week back!


I am absolutely overwhelmed with how fabulous and grown up my Puffins have been since they came back to school. We have had a great couple of day settling in, getting familiar with each other, the classroom and new routines. They have ALL coped so well with it - I'm super proud of them. We've already done an independent piece of writing, some number formation practise and got everyone a new reading book. As well as setting our class rules, presenting our favourite toys and exploring superheroes! No wonder there were a few sleepy faces Friday afternoon - children and staff!


The Key Stage 1 team are feeling very excited about the year ahead - thank you for your amazing children! x

Autumn 1 Newsletter, 2016


Please bring in any bits from home that would help us with junk modelling and our creative area. Cardboard boxes, kitchen rolls, bottle tops, yogurt pots etc. are particularly useful. There is a bin under the creative table where it can be dropped off. Our first task is 'junk giraffes' so tubes for necks and legs would be particularly handy! Thank you x


Puffins P.E days will be on a TUESDAY with Mr. Smith and a FRIDAY with Mrs. Keegans. On a Tuesday the children will need their indoor and outdoor kit as Mr. Smith likes to take the children outdoors if he can. Mrs. Keegans will be using the Infant hall so an indoor kit will be required. May I also remind you that children MUST remove ALL jewellery for PE sessions and should be wearing the correct kit as specified in the school's uniform policy.

Welcome back to all of my Perfect little Puffins and your fabulous families! I hope that you all had a wonderful summer and are feeling relaxed and refreshed ready for the new school year. This page will be used to keep you informed of the important things happening in our class and will showcase the children's work whenever possible. Please let me know as the year progresses if there is anything else you would like to see on here and I will do my best to make it work for us all.


Make I also take this opportunity to reassure you that the year ahead is going to be a fab one for your child! I know that the transition to Year 1 can be worrying as the approach becomes more formal. However, the transition will be gradual and I promise you that slightly more formal doesn't have to mean less fun! Our topics are exciting and engaging and we will still be learning in an age-appropriate way that the children will enjoy. For Year 2s, we are very aware of the high expectation and will ensure that everything is differentiated to challenge and move them on.


 I am so lucky to be working with such a wonderful team of TAs this year, we are all approachable and happy to help if at any point you have any concerns at all. I want your child to be happy and successful in my class and will do anything I can to ensure this. Here's to a wonderful year ahead!


Mrs. Steed xxx

When you enter my classroom

You are amazing.

You are important.

You are creators.

You are scientists.

You are explorers.

You are loved.

You are readers.

You are risk takers.

You are a friend.

You are special.

You are treasured.

You are respected.

You are the reason I am here!

Love, Mrs. Steed xxx