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Phoenix Group, 2017/18

Welcome to Phoenix Group

We are a small group of children who have been very carefully chosen by our class teachers, Our School SENCO and Mrs Parrwood. Sometimes our parents have discussed the possibility of us joining Phoenix Group with these people too.


Phoenix Group meets with Mrs Parrwood on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons in the Nest.


We love coming to the Nest and meeting up together. It is a chance for us to talk with each other about how our weeks are going so far.We help each other with issues we may be facing with our behaviour, our friends, our work and we give each other lots of advice and support.

We also take part in lots of fun activities based on a theme. These themes are:

Self Esteem

Attention and Concentration

Our Emotions

Friendships and relationships


Growth Mind-set


We think really carefully about how these things can affect our emotional wellbeing and our behaviour. We then think about the skills and strategies we can use to help us cope and deal with the difficulties we face each day.


We do all this through games, Art and craft, songs, films and talking to each other.


There is always a friendly smile, a listening ear and a tasty snack waiting for us in the Nest.





Here is the opening scene for the Disney film "Inside Out".

 This helped us discuss our emotions, when and why feel them, how they effect us and how we cope with them.

Inside Out: Opening Scene

Uploaded by Arjun Orc on 2016-03-27.

Here is a FAB video about those strong emotions we feel and how we can lose control of them.


Phoenix group talk a lot about our "upstairs" and "downstairs" brains after watching this.

Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?

Simple, easy-to-understand whiteboard animation to help early Elementary-aged children gain an understanding of the way their brains work to recognize and manage their emotions. This is intended as a beginning resource to help children, parents, educators, and those who work with children to encourage mindfulness, empathy, and emotional regulation.

Who knew a board game could teach us so much about getting along and self control?


We have been playing lots of games to show us how we have to cooperate with each other and be patient whilst others take their turn. This was quite hard for some of us but we began to realise how easy it is with the help of each other.


Here are some of the games that we played to help us practise this.


Image result for kerplunk


Image result for Jenga


Image result for Frustration game

Image result for yahtzee game


We have been thinking carefully about how we can stay strong when things go wrong!

What character strengths do we have to get us through tough times?

We seek the help of others, we don’t give up and work out what we need to do to make things better.

Some of us use our creativity to help, some of us use our friendliness.

We all have something that makes us strong!

Resilience but what is it? Here's 5 ways to build resilience

We all face challenges and we all find ways to overcome them. Resilience is ordinary not extraordinary. We all have it to larger or smaller degrees. We want to help build awareness of this and support young peoples capacity to do positive and realistic things to support themselves.

Our younger children watched this video to help them understand anger and how we can calm down and control it.

Sesame Street - Whoopi Goldberg Helps Baby Bear

Whoopi Goldberg does some anger management for Baby Bear because he wants to throw an empty bowl of porridge up in the air, and make an angry mess!