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Kingfisher 2016-17

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Welcome to Kingfishers website page for 2016/2017.




Our class teacher is Mrs Jacqui Stonham and our teaching assistant is Mrs Alison Beavon.

Useful Bits and Pieces

Our PE sessions are on a Friday afternoon.


Please make sure your child has their kit with them every week.


Autumn 2


We are having an extra session of PE each week this half term.

This session is in gymnastics and is run by a qualified coach. Within our Friday afternoon slot this half term we are doing dance.

Creative homework
Creative homework is set each half term and a return date is always set for its return.
Maths homework
Maths homework is set every other week. There is a week to complete this homework.
Children receive their spellings every Friday. Their test is the following Friday.
Times tables
Times tables tests are every Thursday. Your child will note in their reading diary the x table they are to learn. Completed tests with errors will be sent home for you to help your child practise.

​Autumn 2. 2016

Theme: How far can you throw your shadow?


Highlights so far:

  • Our " wow" morning where we designed and made Diwali cards, learnt an Indian dance and designed henna hand patterns
  • Making curry and eating it with naan bread and rice. Delicious!
  • Having our hands decorated with Henna
  • Reading the story of Rama and Sita
  • Writing our own playscripts  

Autumn 2. Making curry

Autumn 2. Making curry 1
Autumn 2. Making curry 2
Autumn 2. Making curry 3
Autumn 2. Making curry 4
Autumn 2. Making curry 5
Autumn 2. Making curry 6
Autumn 2. Making curry 7
Autumn 2. Making curry 8
Autumn 2. Making curry 9
Autumn 2. Making curry 10
Autumn 2. Making curry 11
Autumn 2. Making curry 12
Autumn 2. Making curry 13
Autumn 2. Making curry 14
Autumn 2. Making curry 15
Autumn 2. Making curry 16
Autumn 2. Making curry 17
Autumn 2. Making curry 18
Autumn 2. Making curry 19
Autumn 2. Making curry 20
Autumn 2. Making curry 21
Autumn 2. Making curry 22
Autumn 2. Making curry 23
Autumn 2. Making curry 24
Autumn 2. Making curry 25
Autumn 2. Making curry 26
Autumn 2. Making curry 27
Autumn 2. Making curry 28
Autumn 2. Making curry 29
Autumn 2. Making curry 30

Autumn 1. 2016

Topic: How does blossom turn into an apple?


​Highlights of our topic:

  • Our "wow" morning where we made fruit salad, created art out of vegetables and

  • Reading, " The Lorax"

  • Our amazing year group assembly
  • Visiting Conker




Conkers 1
Conkers 2
Conkers 3
Conkers 4
Conkers 5
Conkers 6
Conkers 7
Conkers 8
Conkers 9
Conkers 10
Conkers 11
Conkers 12
Conkers 13
Conkers 14
Conkers 15
Conkers 16
Conkers 17
Conkers 18
Conkers 19
Conkers 20
Conkers 21
Conkers 22
Conkers 23
Conkers 24
Conkers 25
Conkers 26
Conkers 27
Conkers 28
Conkers 29
Conkers 30
Conkers 31
Conkers 32
Conkers 33
Conkers 34
Conkers 35
Conkers 36
Conkers 37
Conkers 38
Conkers 39
Conkers 40
Conkers 41
Conkers 42
Conkers 43

No Pens Wednesday

No Pens Wednesday 1
No Pens Wednesday 2
No Pens Wednesday 3
No Pens Wednesday 4
No Pens Wednesday 5
No Pens Wednesday 6

​2015 - 2016

Roman Gods & Goddesses - Photostories

Still image for this video

Roman Gods & Goddesses

Still image for this video

Roman Gods & Goddesses

Still image for this video

Roman Gods & Goddesses

Still image for this video

Today was the Queen's Birthday so we celebrated by creating 90 Queen masks...

Today was the Queen's Birthday so we celebrated by creating 90 Queen masks... 1

Spring 2 - Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?

Spring 2 - Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them? 1

Romulus & Remus, The Story of

The story of Romulus & Remus

This term we have been exploring electricity. We made circuits and switches and we tested static electricity with balloons.

Here is some of the wonderful creative homework from this half term:

We calculated the perimeter of some Egyptian tombs in Maths:

On No Pens Wednesday we did lots of practical maths activities and we used Padlet in English.

The Water Cycle

Still image for this video
This term we have learnt all about the stages of the water cycle. We have made models and learnt the stages through listening to a song. Here is the video with the song for you to listen to at home!

Water cycle models:

We mummified tomatoes on our WOW day! This is what they have turned out like:

- Reading diaries will be collected in on Monday mornings. Please read five times a week with your child.

- You can use Reading Eggs to complete some of your reads if you wish: http://app.readingeggs.com/login

- Spellings will be tested and given out on Fridays.

- Times tables will be tested and given out on Tuesdays.

- Maths homework will be fortnightly. There is also Mathletics which you can practise your maths skills on:


- P.E days are Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has kit in school all week.