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The books bought with money from our sponsored walk have arrived!!

Film Soundtracks!

We have been listening and evaluating what makes a good soundtrack and how music can enhance meaning. We then used composition software 'Soundation' to compose our own soundtracks to match the video. 

Can you hear where sounds have been chosen to create a real-life 'sound effect' and convey the action?

Can you hear where sounds have been chosen to convey the mood and emotion?

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Group 6 movie.wmv

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Group 8

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English Explanation Texts!

Get a head start in class by watching the video below. Can you explain how 'The Lightbulb Changer' works?

Changing the Lightbulb - Jiwi's Machines Ep. 3 - FULL EPISODE

Jiwi's work on his rocket launchpad is interrupted by a faulty lightbulb. Changing the bulb is a disaster! Can he fix the mess before his sister June arrives home with her newest beau? JIWI'S MACHINES is a four-part web series packed with physical comedy and mechanical mayhem.

Year 6 Book Club: Through The Looking Glass
Chapter Summary Questions Answers Predictions
1 Alice is mad at her cat as it causes so much trouble and tries to set her like the red queen, but fails so she brings kitty through the looking glass and saves a white pawn from falling down the table and brings the white king and queen to the pawn and she goes to the garden to explore.

who wrote the jabber-wocky?

why is some of the words in Italic?

Lewis Carroll

Q2 because they want you to feel their  expression. 

the flowers will tempt to eat her 



When Alice goes through the door she finds a garden and she begins to talk to the flowers who she finds can talk and  she then talks to the red queen who is a full head bigger than Alice gets smacked because she talked informal and the red queen takes her to a hill where Alice finds that she is in a giant game of chess.

where is the giant white queen?! in a castle on the other side of the board. Tweedle dee end Tweedle dum will appear

Alice walks up a hill and sees elephant-sized flies. Alice gets on a train without a ticket . Conductor tells her to go buy a ticket. in her carriage is a gnat and they start talking.

The gnat starts telling Alice about the way that the insects are different in this land to the ones in her world. e.g. bread-and-butterflies.


Why has the author made the 'little voice' in such a small font?

To show how small a bug a gnat is, in addition to how quiet and weak it is,


TD + TD will try and distract Alice from her quest. 

The fawn will return to guide Alice. 

walrus+ carpenter/ Jabberwocky.

4 she finds tweedledee and tweedledum in the forest with there arms wrapped around there necks. Afterwords they danced, had a conversation and then speak about walrus and a carpenter why do the walrus and the carpenter like to eat the shells? They are very nice for making butter  


Circuit Challenge!

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Circuit Challenge!

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Circuit Challenge!

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Circuit Challenge!

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Circuit Challenge!

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Ned Ludd vs Richard Arkwright

Ned Ludd vs Richard Arkwright 1
Ned Ludd vs Richard Arkwright 2
Ned Ludd vs Richard Arkwright 3
Ned Ludd vs Richard Arkwright 4
Ned Ludd vs Richard Arkwright 5

Anti-Bullying Mannequin Challenge!

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We have been creating our own space-inspired music using the online composition software 'Soundation'. We looked at looping, layering, trimming and changing the dynamics of different samples to create our space sounds!


Amber and Evelyn.wav

Brandon, Isaac, Ben 2.wav

Darion and Ben.wav

Harry and Amelia.wav

john & Tanhya.wav

Kenny and Ellis.wav

Lauren and Sasha.wav

Lucy and Faye.wav


sophie and lydia.wav

troy,George bo,George br.wav

Tyler and Dexter.wav

La Luna

Still image for this video
We will be using this beautiful video in our English lessons over the next few weeks.
Talking points:
- How does the film convey the feelings and emotions of the characters?
- How can you infer details about the relationships between the characters?
- What is the significance of the different objects in the film e.g. hat, broom etc..
- How can we transfer what we know into writing?

Promoting British Values in Year 5 and 6

Deomocracy Rule of Law Individual Liberty Mutual tolerance and Respect

Voting for school councillors.

Voting for class treats.

Understanding how majority rules work and how to ensure things stay fair in decision making.

Class points system of reward.

Children share responsibility for leading the topics through their interests.

Teams and team captains used in P.E.

Good to be Green system.

Looking at legislation that links to workers rights/ Child labour

Ancient Chinese laws and how they differ from today- Shang Dynasty.

Mock debates in class.

Monitors of class jobs.

Road safety- especially in transition to secondary school.

Sexual Education teaching on the laws and rights.

Open discussion about why we have rules and the benefits of them.

Writing persuasive arguments about machine worker vs humans/ child labour.

DARE- promoting the right to say no to drugs.

Choices in their homework project.

Optional after school Maths Booster to give pupils responsibility and choice over their own learning.

Teaching about pupil’s rights to be safe and happy through anti-bullying days, sex education, healthy eating etc..

Looking at biographies of significant people who fought for individual liberty and freedom e.g. Ned Ludd

Looking at Britain as part of the wider world e.g. commonwealth.

Considering cultural differences between East and West e.g. China.

Looking at how people’s beliefs affect their choices in R.E.

Speaking and listening activities, such as circle time where pupils practise respect for others.

Celebration and showing of homework.

Heroes assembly and class assemblies celebrating a range of achievements.

Teaching French weekly.

Visit to places of worship


We Are The Falcons

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Start off the year by singing about how amazing we are...!

We have lovely new reading diaries this year. Please read with your child at least five times a week. Don't forget, you can use Reading Eggs as another form of reading and complete the comprehension activities to further improve your reading. Its fun to read and it fills our heads with knowledge!

- Reading diaries will be collected in on Monday mornings.

- Spellings and times tables test will be on Monday.

- P.E days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has kit in school all week.

What about challenging your friends on Mathletics! It is a fun way to improve your Maths knowledge and you can compete against other people across the world!  Please remember to practice your times tables each week too.


Junk Modelling! 20.05.16

Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 1
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 2 Hudini the Junk Owl
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 3
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 4 Barry McBarryson the Junk Gorilla
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 5
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 6 Larry the Junk Octopus King
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 7 Wall-E and friends
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 8 Nerd-a-saurus Rex the Junk dinosaur
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 9
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 10
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 11 Dumbo the Junk Elephant
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 12 William the Derpy Junk Wale
Junk Modelling! 20.05.16 13

FALCONS ARE ECO-FRIENDLY! Litter picking, followed by a SWAC recycling workshop!

KEY STAGE 2 (KS2) Maths Is Easy - SATS Revision, Practice Exam Questions and TOP TIPS!

An insightful video that will help children with their Key Stage 2 Maths SATS exams. This video gives detailed information and sample questions to teach your child how to answer exam style questions, in order to improve their SAT scores.


Still image for this video
Show your Holly Hill pride by learning the song about our school rules! If you're lucky, you may get to feature in the upcoming music video. Ideas welcome (They should represent our school rules!)

The Tempest


Front Cover

What can it tell us about the story?

Image of lightning and white girl makes you feel as though she has got enemies which killed her and she is now a ghost. 
An old man standing on the stone could be a man who has just woken up by the storm. It looks as though it is going to be about a shipwreck.
Written by Shakespeare- often set at night time.
Tell us that it will be in modern day English.

Called 'The Tempest'- a violent storm
Set by the sea.

The man could be a lightning god, who is making a storm in revenge. 

Has a staff like Gandalf- possibly a magician. 


What can it tell us about the story?

It tells us a section of the story, like what happens at the start.

A storm washes King Alonso  on a deserted island.

Prospero is trying to take revenge on his brother.

It's about love and family arguments.


What do you think will happen next?

Alonso will find a strange place on the island., but magic will happen there.

They will find out that the island is not actually deserted and the ghost on the front cover will haunt them and it is not just the brother trying to take revenge. 

King Alonso will find a little oasis and find the magic staff and the woman who appears will ask him to help her sort out the feuding brothers. 

There may be a twist, so when Prospero finds his brother the plan goes wrong. 

Character list

What can it tell us about the story?

Old because not many books have a character list.

It's not going to be non-fiction because there is a spirit and a savage toad-like creature.

There might be pictures throughout- meant for children.

If you are unsure why someone is doing a thing, you an look back and see what their job is. 

pages 1-5

What happens


Prospero and his daughter Miranda are tricked by his brother to go on a voyage on a leaking boat and are stranded on an island.

They saw a ship that was on Fire- Miranda wanted to help- Prospero didn't.  He created a mighty tempest as he saw the flag of King Alonso and knew Antonio would be on board. 


What we think will happen next


The boat will crash on the island and Prospero and Alonso will fight.

End of Act 1

What happens

Prospero tells Miranda their history. The people on board survived and swam to safety on the island. Prospero asked Ariel to bring Ferdinand to him and promised to free Ariel in return. Ferdinand and Miranda fall in love over dinner. Prosper puts and invisible cage around Ferdinand...

What might happen next?

- Prospero might be planning for them to get married so he can be Duke again.

- Miranda might try and break the cage and run away with Ferdinand.

- Prosper won't release Ariel, so Ariel will turn on Prospero and turn out to be the hero. 

End of Act 2

What Happens

Trinculo and Stephano find Caliban and make him drink wine. Caliban goes crazy with drink and agrees to give them a tour around the island.

What might happen next?

Caliban is going to go insane because he doesn't know why he is walking with these people.

Caliban might start attacking the others to defend himself.

Caliban might lead them to Prospero's house so they can find Ferdinand.

Page 26-29

What happens

Prospero let Ferdinand free. Ferdinand proposed to Miranda, who said 'yes'. 

Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano were still staggering around the island, drunk. Ariel played a tricked on them to make them fight each other, but they were too drunk.

Caliban told them he was Prospero and Miranda's slave, but knew how to destroy them.

What might happen next...

(work done in class)

End of Act 3

What happens

Sebastian, Alsonso and Antonio are starving and looking for Ferdinand. Prospero made food appear, brought by creatures. Ariel appears, disguised as a harpy and tells them of the horrible things they have done in the past (to Prospero), which made them feel guilty and shiver in fear.

What might happen next...

Ferdinand an Miranda will get married.

Stephano and Trinculo might find Prospero's spell books and destroy them.

Prospero might leave more food for the men to trap them where he wants them to be.

The rest of the mne might go and apologise to Prospero for all the bad things they've done.

Act 4

What happens

Miranda and Ferdinand became engaged.Caliban et al got tricked by Ariel and found lots of clothes... Prospero became angry and sent dogs to chase them.

What might happen next...

Miranda and Ferdinand get married and caliban goes back to Prosper and they become friends again. Everybody else that came to the island disappears.


Alonso might find the wedding and battle with Prospero. Alsonso loses and dies- Ferdinand would leave Miranda and head home.





Robinson Crusoe's Shipwreck!


In English we have worked in a group to look critically at our writing, We then created a piece of writing that included all the elements of the success criteria, as well as contributions from each person in the group. We used this wonderful writing along with our amazing art work to create a Photostory performance!

William Lydia Aimee Alfie.wmv

Still image for this video

Owen group.wmv

Still image for this video

Sasha tanhya oliva Darion Declan.wmv

Still image for this video

Lucy Caden Ellie Ellis.wmv

Still image for this video

Abbies group_1.wmv

Still image for this video

World Book Day 2016

All About The Books

Still image for this video
World Book Day 2016!
Viking Quest!

Carol Concert Practise!

Still image for this video
Use the video below to learn the words ready for our performance in the carol concert!

D.A.R.E. (Stop Before You Start)

D.A.R.E (Stop Before You Start)


We have all been told before

Taking drugs is against the law

They can wreck your body and your brain

But it can be very dumb

They can try it just for fun

For to them its like a kind of game




Stop before you start

You must always say

No to drugs, then you must

Just quickly walk away

You're young and you are smart

Don’t throw your life away

Don’t listen when the others say

It’s cool to try it anyway

It’s not, so stop

And you will be ok.


To get high some people need

Heroin, cocaine and speed

Cannabis and crack and LSD

There are pushers who pretend

That they want to be your friend

All they sell is pain and misery




I saw something on TV

This girl had taken ecstasy

Next day when they found her she was dead

A lovely girl in every way

She’s not the type to go astray

That is what her friends and parents said




La Tour Eiffel

What did we learn this afternoon?

It took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days to build the Eiffel tower- Keenan

Every seven years it gets painted- Faith

In World War One, they used the tower to receive messages- Ben

It weighed 10,000 tonnes- Sean

There were 50 engineers, 100 workmen on site and about 150 iron makers- Ellis.


How did we find the making challenge?

I enjoyed it a lot, though putting the sticks together was quite fiddly!- Abbie G

I found that most of it was easy apart from when we actually cut the sticks- Toby

It was quite hard to get the sticks level- Lucie

I found it quite tricky, because it was like putting a masterpiece together!- Logan


What do we think of the finished product?

It ended up well, but I thought it would go wrong a bit!- Lucy C

I think it was good, but it took quite a bit to make it- Kenny

II thought it wasn't going to look good, but at the end it looked really really good- Dawson

I think it was good, because you will be able to stick it onto paper, as its 2D, rather than have it standing up and breaking- Toby W

I think when we were doing the crosses it was really hard, but in the end it turned out looking really nice- Gracie


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Ugent message regarding your English work!


  What has happened so far. What we think might happen next
Cover/ blurb/ opening illustrations There is a young child who goes up into the clock tower where he lives and peers down on a old man at his stall.

A girl will come and go to the stall and pick up the thing Hugo is looking for.


Hugo might fall out of where he is hiding and get caught.


Hugo knows about a mechanical toy, but doesn't know where it is.


The man in the toy shop will follow Hugo into the vents without him knowing it and discover his secret.

Chapter 1

The Thief

Hugo went into the toy booth and tried to steal a mechanical mouse. The old man catches him and calls for the Station Inspector. The old man told Hugo to empty his pockets, then took the things away. He took Hugo's notebook and began to look through the pictures. He had a mood swing as he noticed a particular picture of a mechanical man. The old man demands to know how he got the picture and keeps the notebook, threatening to burn it. Hugo leaves.

The mechanical man might remind the old man of someone who has passed.


Hugo might get the parts he needs for his invention and the older man tried to track him down.


Hugo might be trying to make the mechanical man and steals parts from the toy booth.


The girl might return and actually be a mechanical girl.

Chapter 2

The Clocks

Hugo goes around sorting out all 27 clocks in the station. Hugo uses the oil can, winds them up and listens to the beat of the clock to check its right. He looks through the clocks and sees the station jail cell where he has seen people held.

His uncle might be dead.

His uncle might be rich, but doesn't want Hugo.

Chapter 3


Hugo goes back to get his notebook but doesn't succeed. Hugo followed the old man back to his house.

Hugo will go and sneak into the mans house.

Hugo will break into the mans toy shop.

Chapter 4

The Window

Hugo threw a stone at the old man's house, then a girl appeared and he recognised her from the toy stall earlier. She told him to be quiet and they chatted about his notebook. She told him to go back to the toy booth tomorrow and she would make sure the old man didn't burn his notebook.

The old man might actually be Hugo's father.


Hugo might manage to persuade the girl to give his notebook back

Chapter 5

Hugo's Father

Hugo lived with his father, a horologist, and loved watching him fix clocks. Hugo's father worked part-time at the museum and one day came home to tell Hugo about a automaton he had found. They decided to fix it, to see what it would write. The guard locked Hugo's father in the attic on the night that a fire started. His uncle took him to live in the station, but eventually abandoned him.  

Hugo rescues the automaton from the museum wreckage and thinks that if he fixes it, he will be able to see a note from his father.

His dad might still be alive and the note explains how to find him.


The guard could be the old man form the stall and Hugo's father's ghost is haunting him.





In music lessons, we have been using online studio 'Soundation' to compose music inspired by the circus. This required us to choose, loop, copy, paste and layer different sound samples within the program to make our final compositions. 


Below, you can listen to some of the compositions. 


Falcons only!

When you have listened to the music, you can evaluate it by headin to the padlet at www.padlet.com/falcon/music.

You will need to enter the password you were given in class (don't tell it to anyone) and then you can post your opinions, encouragement and improvement ideas.

Abbie and jaimie.wav

Jamie and brandon$.wav

Keenan and Dawson.wav

Lucy Leo.wav

sam and logans.wav


Abbie Ellis and Darion.wav

Sophia and Olivia.wav

Gracie and Faith.wav


Circus Skills Day

Still image for this video